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      Various new technology complicates our way of life,
Roughclaw walks you through and provides you better
understanding and experience.
" We're building a better technology for a better living."
            Engr. Joemel O. Caballero
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 August 8,2015

 From an experimental to a full 
 blown robust product,  Roughclaw's LTE system with WiFi  hotspot is now a main household    companion delivering
 the latest and advance technology  in home wireless network.

 With it's sophisticated wireless  firewall, user can rest assure that
 they operate in a protected

 Manage your clients with ease
 using a standard browser menu.
 Adding a client with different  restriction is now a simple click of
 mouse and keys that requires 
 simple knowledge of browsing

 Want to enjoy your coffee than 
 tinkering with the set-up??
 Give us a call and we will do it for
 ..and that is a Better technology!!!

 August 28,2012


   We introduced Mobile Wireless
   Surveillance System
    click and watch here
 September 6,2011
   We are now an ACTi partner!!!

  Click here for our certificate.

 August 18 ~20,2011
   Roughclaw Commshow2011 events            Aug18~20,2011

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 June 29,2011

   Roughclaw introduced HELIOS® power to address 
   the  growing demand of Renewable energy 
   by communication systems. We also provide 
   commercial and Home renewable power energy
   using only advance and high quality materials.

 June 16,2011
    Roughclaw will be in COMMSHOW2011 this 
   August 18 to 20, 2011. New exciting products 
   will be introduced that will surely a hit one for 
   WISP'er, Hotspot owner and many more. 

    Visit Us at BOOTH I-15 HALL 2 SMX Mall of Asia.
 April 2, 2010
   Roughclaw in MUM 2011...read more
  Dec 8, 2010
    Roughclaw introduced Metrowicam® and Muniwicam® to address 
the growing market of public security surveillance.
                                           click here
  August 12, 2010
   We are now a Mikrotik Partner!!!
   The company that's routing the world with advance
   Networking Router OS and Routerboards.
                                                              Click here
   February 3,2010
       We are now an Ubiquiti Networks partner!!!
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   August 15,2009
      Online Demo Wireless Cam is now active
      for viewing. With the power of internet,
      we bring you closer to your love ones, 
      business, or something that makes
      worth  real time viewing.
April 28, 2009
We are a Ruckus Wireless Partner!!!
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 What's NEW!!    
     FULL DUPLEX DUAL BACKHAUL WITH FAIL-OVER SYSTEM: Our innovative backhaul system that covers long distance with auto fail-over
     system in case one link(upper or lower dish fails). ONLY from ROUGHCLAW!!!! 


  Our surveillance system solution is not 

  only the most sought after approach in 

  Video surveillance. Combined with our

  expertise in wireless technology

   "we cut that wire"!!!
We reduce our footprints in Global warming.           
We power our remote communication system with 

renewable energy source. Our renewable power

product  designs are efficient using only high quality


Our wireless communication devices are state of the art.

We use less power with the same capacity as compared to 

other system that could make your ROI longer.

We analyze your needs  without sacrificing quality over


             Our solution is second to nothing!!! 
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            Reflector with  canopy module                                                               Panel with a USB modem

<< With Roughclaw's Hotspot Solution, any one can share their internet with
    innovative Hotspot LOG IN page. Just provide your customer with LOG-IN account
    and they can access internet. A free account access for your guest with limited time
    to give them a taste of your service. A free ad redirection to your site to get more
    traffic can be created with ease.
   Contact us thru our IMs or here.

  Product Application Gallery of Roughclaw 

 RUCKUS Enterprise Class Wireless System
 A carrier Class Aimax Series from Ubiquiti networks
 Mikrotik's Robust network management Software and hardware
 Roughclaw's surveillance Solution

Home Networking Secure your Wireless network Extending your Coverage
You can make your own home network
to wirelessly connect different gadget
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Manage your file with comfort.
Worried about other people "sniffing"
your wireless network.
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Don't be stuck with that 2 meter cable that
connects you to the cyberworld. Untangle yourself.

What's more with your router
Stream music from your PSP2000
Connect your WIFI enabled PDA
Connect a printer..laptop
                     ..... read more
Antenna for Routers
Wireless Routers
Ruckus Wireless

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