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We are a one stop shop company that can satisfy your needs in building a complete wireless network be it a home, office or as complex as base station. 

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Our top-of-the-line Point-to-Point antenna with a very narrow

beamwidth. The Dual polarity provides a MiMo capacity to your

backhaul increasing the data capacity.

RF cable must be purchased to connect your dual polarized module.



Super long range point to point >60km


This can be used to serve as your medium range backhaul or a CPE antenna.

The 5.8Ghz range coverage of this antenna gives you an interference less


RF cable not included and must be purchased separately.


A USB stick compatible panel antenna to boost your signal.

Carry this to pick up signal from an area not properly covered

by networks or mount this on your roof to pick up those

weak signals.

Suitable for E156C,E160, and E170 with CRC9 connector.

Use this also to your 3G/HSDPA modem such as MF600 or B933.

Package contains free 2meter RF cable


The midrange 2.4Ghz antenna suitable for CPE or a medium range backhaul.

An antenna so light but powerful in delivering signals. Mount this on your

rooftop or a simple pole and gets you going in a couple of minutes.


A dual polarized grid antenna takes the benefit of having a

low wind load and reduced weight as compared with a solid dish.

RF cable must be purchased separately.


Long range Point to Point (20Km)



Our highest 2.4Ghz Directional grid single polarity antenna 

with a 24dBi antenna gain. Use for a Long range CPE or 

as a backhaul giving a stability to your signal.


Point to point medium range (10km)

Panel not included!!!

*Panel Mounted configuration*

We did not only design this for your smartbro canopy, we see to it

that the signal from your USB stick or 3G modem can also be amplified

by using our panel mounted on our grid reflector. The boost in

performance clearly demonstrate this versatile approach in achieving

better than normal data rate.

Subscriber Module not included!!

*Subscriber module mounted configuration*

This is Roughclaw's answer to the limited range of Canopy's subscriber module.

Mount your Subscriber module(aka smartbro of Smart) to increase the range from

the normal 2km range requirement to 5km or more.

A good line-of-sight will contributes to the effective range of your module.


The top-of-the-line Base station sector antenna from Ubiquiti. The wide horizontal

beamwidthcan blanket a wide area of coverage. Suitable for Municipal wireless or

enterprise class business with many office branch.

A shield is added for better front- to- back ration.



Access Point covering longer range (10Km)


An Omni-directional antenna that can provide a mini-WISP coverage to cater the need of your

neighbor or nearby customer. The simplicity of this antenna not only gives you an unparallel

performance but can be set up in least possible time.



Access Points for range short range(3km)


Aluminum enclosure with IP67 Seal Class perfectly suits your

electronic devices with much affordable price. 



Outdoor Wireless device Enclosure


Metallic Cable Glands to keep your outside and inside connection 

water tight.






Plastic cable Glands as an alternative from the above metallic type.



With our accessories in building your network, these are selected by Roughclaw to provide interconnection between passive and active devices .


Use this Outdoor type shielded cable to protect your data from

surrounding noise. This Belden Foil wrap CAT5e cable is a top-of-

the-line WiFi cable that delivers data seamlessly.


Our shielded RJ45 jack not only gives you a continuous end-to-end

data shielding but also provides a firm contact with RJ45 connector

with its gold platted fingers. The metal shield acts as a conducting

link from your shielded cable to the ground system of your devices.


You think your system is tough?? Make it tougher with this 

TOUGHCABLE PRO from Ubiquiti. A CAT5e Outdoor cable

with ESD drain wire.


This passive Power over Ethernet injector provides an

on the fly power source connector replacing your active POE.

The versatility of this POE injector can accept various input

voltage which is the limitation of a fixed active POE.


This Ubiquiti POE Power supply to match most of Ubiquiti Devices.

With an output of DC24 Volts, not only Ubiquiti devices but other

devices that can accept POE can be used.


This twin pair RF cable (RG178) provides a lossless connection 

between your MiMo devices to our Dual polarity antenna.This cable 

is custom-made for our RCA-DIS058-30 and RCA-DPG058-30



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