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Home Network

Home Network for every household with internet connection? Why not? You don`t need to be sophisticated techno geek to do that.
You have many choices to pamper you enclave.
Most of today's home gadget can communicate from each other thru wireless
or wired connection. The interesting part here is that you can control them even
when you're away from your home. 
Connecting your Home network to the internet is probably the "holy grail" of connectivity.

You can control your air-conditioning unit to start before you arrive home or command
your Media Player to record a broadcast on TV. Your mobile phone suddenly gives you
an alert, your running out of beer in your fridge. Looks like a fictional home ??....... it's
happening and you can do it too.
What you need?
1. High Speed Connection. A network would be useless if you keep waiting for you data, You can subscribe
    to a provider that gives you high speed connection and with high throughput. They also provide the a free
    service to set up your system so don`t worry about the complicated setting.

2. A modem to connect to the provider you selected.  You can still get some old modem that is purely
    functions as a modem but latest one has built in router.
3. A router with wireless capablity. A wireless router can act as the host of your home network. It can
    connect your home appliances via WIFI or Cat 5 cable and going to your modem.
4. A good Antenna to have a wider coverage of your wireless router. Placing this antenna in a location where
    it is in the a geometrical center of your home or a place with no obstruction can increase your data rate.
5. And finally, your home appliances that have wireless capability. You can also directly connect those to a
    host hub which has a connection to your router.

 What to do now?

1. Check your items. Your modem. A DSL type connects to a normal phone line usually a two wire line RJ11 type.
    A cable type connects to a copper coax cable. 
2. Your router usually has a WAN port and LAN ports. Connect your router to the modem with a CAT 5 cable. The
     router`s ports has an identical size so properly identify the port with WAN or Internet marking.

3.  Use the antenna supplied with the router or you can use our Omni Directional antenna  to extend your router`s range.
     Take note of the connector type that your router requires when you buy our antenna.
4.  Hook up your desired home appliance to the router thru the the LAN(1..4).

5.  Set up your wireless network to connect other appliance which requires RF connectivity.

Setting up your Router.

1. When you opt to buy your own router, A good router comes with a good instruction manual and if you happened
     to buy those with poorly documented type, you are at the mercy of it's manual. We recommend good and reliable
     router base on our testing.

2.  Most of them comes with an installation disk that automates mostly of the task. You need some task to do like
     security or if you prefer a manual IP setting for each device connected wired or wirelessly.

3.  If you are in a neighbor with also a Wifi connectivity, set up your router`s RF on the different channel to
     avoid interference compromising your data rate.

4.  Create a  name of your Wireless network(SSID) which may scare other user if you happen to broadcast it.
     e.g Virusnet, Spynet and many more. This is just a form of psychological intimidation to an accidental surfer
      who happens to see your SSID.

5.  SECURE YOUR NETWORK. This is the very first line of defense in your router`s system.
6.  Most router are using a Dynamic Host Configuartion Protocol which distribute your routers IP to each device and
     you have 254 addresses of those built into your router. If you prefer to limit your IP, you can set it up on
     the routers web based menu application.

7.  You want to access your router when you're away from home? Create a VPN. This is your virtual network and you
     can set an address to access your home network.

8.  Choose what type of WIFI system you want to implement.  If you want to support multi device in your home with
     the capability to stream music, video, VOIP, webcam functionality, go with the latest Draft `n`supported routers.
Now you are ready to enjoy your home network. Play online games, watch those movie content,
see your kids remotely. Download files, talk to your Dad and let them see your kids or what`s
cooking now.

The Home Network is at your finger tip and your imagination is limitless on how you manage it.