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We are a Mikrotik Partner !!!

™Roughclaw Technologies 
is a Mikrotik partner. With Mikrotik's revolutionary routing software, home or commercial grade management system of network is now simplified. The unmatched 
security feature of the RouterOS makes the product best of it's class in networking industry.

We are an Ubiquiti networks Partner !!!
™Roughclaw Technologies  is now an accredited Ubiquiti network partner. The company that  revolutionized the wireless world with it's AEROS and
Airmax technology, a first true carrier-class performance breakthrough 
price points specifically designed for the wireless ISP industry.
We are a Ruckus Wireless Partner !!!
™Roughclaw Technologies is now an accredited Ruckus Wireless Partner. The company that perfected the WiFi will now be in our portfolio. With it's innovative patented beamforming technology, most of the signals needed to achieved full data rate can now be realized.
Roughclaw Technologies understands what it takes to be in the field of wireless data reception  and we only choose a vanilla grade solution that will exceed your expectations. With Ruckus on our side, we can deliver a wireless network that is second to nothing.

ZoneFlex Series
A Beam Forming patented technology Access Points only by Ruckus ZoneFlex series.  These Access Points guide the signal to achieve maximum data rate. You  don't need  to worry about drop-out. All the driving will be handled by these Access Points.

ZoneDirector series
Controlling multiple Access Point in a Mesh architecture is now a one-two-three steps.  A user friendly set-up that could even make your grandma curious about wireless networking. These controllers have a self- healing architecture, you won't even notice "if ever"one  of the Access Point failed.
A Perfected WiFi.........at your finger tip.

Canopy or Panel Reflector
The ever first grid dish reflector designed in the Philippines that
boast a 26dB antenna gain was introduced in the Philippine market 
to augment broadband wireless signals from your  Subscriber Module. That pathetic 8dB antenna gain of your Subscriber module is a 
minimal in performance. Mount your SM to our RCA-GDR001-26 
reflector to boost your signal without tampering the inside circuitry 
of your SM.
                                check the specs
™Roughclaw Headquater
Roughclaw Enterprise & Technologies was formally opened to serve the emerging market in the bustling province of Cavite.
Our location at Unit 408 Empire Center, #245 EDSA Etension cor Taft Avenue, Pasay City serves as the Sales office with a close proximity to all transport terminals. We take this as our vantage point in catapulting our products and services to our customer.
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August 29,2016

Roughclaw successfully introduced a

Roughclaw will open Baguio branch this Feb.2012 

Roughclaw introduced ®HELIOS Power for 
renewable Energy source.
                                       Click here

Roughclaw joined Mikrotik user meeting"MUM" in Shenzen.
                                      Click here                 

Roughclaw introduced a
Muniwicam®Solution for a Municipal-wide Surveillance System.

Roughclaw Notice!!!

Roughclaw's Online Support duration  for customer who bought our products will be ONE MONTH unless it is specified in the quotation or contract.

 7 Day Exchange policy

We only replace products with manufacturer's defect within 7 days from
date of purchase.

Beginning October 1,2010, all Ubiquiti buyers should apply RMA for their defective items from UBNT.  Send the unit to us or to UBNT togethe with the approved RMA form for processing.

Delivery Charges will be applied and payable when you take back the repaired units.

This applies only to unit/s covered under warranty period!!

Please refer to the link here for the RMA

 ™Roughclaw T-shirt  Customer preferred courier  Outside Philippines
Due to high demand of our
RCA-GDR001-26, we are
extending a free T-shirt GIFT
for every purchase of our DISH.
Areas not covered under our delivery shall indicate their preferred logistic company. Surcharge will be added to the unit cost.
At the moment, we don't export our products in Bulk. We currently
support Philippine market but we can supply you with few quantities only.
Your Free gift
 It's not part of our product. 
 No warranties are involved.
 Actual gift may vary from the image.
 If the gift is a Roughclaw product,
 warranties is only applicable to
 the purchased product.
Order by e-mail
 Contact our sales here
 Receipt will be fax/e-mailed to the recipient.

 Special packaging must be indicated if our packaging doesn't meet your
requirements. For online buyers click here.
Sample outside Philippines
 We only supply 5 units sample
 Recipient should shoulder the
 shipment, tax and all other
 surcharge in and out of our country
 No "Return No Exchange" policy. 
 Any damages incurred during shipment has to be acknowledge  
  by the recipients.

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