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Broadband Wireless Internet
                                              by Joemel Caballero

Since Tim Berners- Lee introduced the internet, many method where used to transport message to the end-user. The ever rugged wired line (tel. line, co-ax cable and fiber optic line) are so far the most common with varying speed. The deployment of these type requires a modifcation to the surrounding with many obstacle to overcome.
Wireless Broadband is now widely accepted as the most cost effective and reliable delivery of information without much changes to the place of implementation. When an increase in demand, the system designer can easily add periperal device which matches the current system. He could also use different types of brand depending on the choice of the client since interoperability has been mostly addresses on this technology.
Wireless Connectivity has gone too far that many competing technology benefitted the common tao. The most common of them is the WLAN(Wireless LAN) or commonly called WIFI ( Wireless Fidelity). It uses the unlicensed band of the frequency spectrum which means that you don't need to worry about government taxing your connection. Since this technology uses the unlicensed band or the ISM (Industrail, Scientific, and Medical), it enters a slugfest, free-for-all, and kick your butt arena. This means that other device can operate on this band (Analogue and Digital cordless phone, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and yes..your undeniable microwave oven) and they are a threat to you data reliablity. The IEEE developed the 802.11a/b/g..and newly draft "n" standard. The 802.11a uses the 5.8 Ghz spectrum OFDM and a 54Mbs and ideal for close proximity file transfer like home, office, cafe and more. The 802.11b uses DSS technique on 2.4Ghz band similar with your microwace oven cooking frequency. It has a max data rate of 11Mbs. With it's DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum) technology, its ideal for a long range data tranfer.

Why Broadband Wireless?
      Mobility has been a great part of the internet boom. We want information to be "ALWAYS" available and at our finger tip. We want to communicate on a realtime basis. The more time we spend on how we should convey our information, the more we are left in the dark.
      Wireless connectivity is the "de facto" choice of most people in communication.
 Choosing your antenna  Securing your Network  Home wireless
A good wireless system has many
factors to consider before it can be
called an efficient wireless network.
The antenna is the most critical part
of your system.
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There are many security vendors touting
their products to be better than the other.
Before jumping into them, you could do a
basic security measures to safeguard your
Network. Some security features are already
bundled in you network controller.
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An average home now are connected to the internet.
Some have their own "mini network" or in short a Home wireless network. This network are simple to install
since most of the instructions are available when your
receive the packages.
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