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                                                   HELIOS®POWER Renewable Energy

Introducing our HELIOS®POWER energy with advance technology. We provide eco-friendly smart system integration to power remote base station
and other commercial or home establishment.

Solar Charger (Click image to see the specification)


Our part number RCA-SHS010-12

Morningstar SHS was specifically designed  to meet the needs of 

rural solar home systems for the developing countries. This controller

provides many features not found in other controllers.


The SHS controller is an ideal for RURAL electrification with one to 

three solar panels. With the use of the SURE-SINE inverter, it can

power one domestic home lighting system or a Desktop PC, Printers


Our Part Number RCA-SNS010-12

Morningstar SunSaver is the world's leading small solar controller for both

professional and consumer applications including standard features not

found in small PV controllers.



Power your base station, oil rigs or weather observation point and

other remote site. The rugged design of this controller not only keep your

system running but also affordable to your pocket.


Our Part Number RCA-SLT010-12

Morningstar SunLIGHT Solar controller has a user programmable 

timer to turn ON/OFF power to it's load. With it's innovative control, 

it's a set and forget device that performs superbly.


Suitable for street lighting, bus station lighting and signage operation.

Not only Battery life will be longer but also the operational life of the load

will be better than normal.


Our Part number RCA-TST045-12

Morningstar TriSTAR controller is a three-function controller that

provides reliable solar battery charging, load control or 

diversion regulation. It is rated a 45 or 60 amps and has optional meter,

remote meter and remote temperature sensor.

By using highly advanced technology, this second generation ProStar sets 

new standards for reliability and self-diagnostics. The new ProStar also 

provides several unique features and protections. And Morningstar's

 patented PWM battery charging has been further optimized for longer 

battery life and improved system performance.


The controller is designed for both solar home systems and 

professional applications. Simple mechanical interface - knockouts 

provided, #2 AWG wire lugs, Compatible with sealed and flooded 

batteries, Constant voltage series PWM algorithm, Accessory 

digital meter connection via, J-11 phone jack, NEMA 1 indoor enclosure.    


Our part Number RCA-PST015-12

The ProStar Charge Controller from Morningstar is a full featured PWM 

(Pulse Width Modulated) photovoltaic, solar charge controller. 

Available with charging currents of 15 or 30 amps and battery voltage 

of 12, 24, or 48 volts DC. They have automatic battery equalization, 

temperature compensation, and high efficiency. LED's on the front of 

the ProStar indicate battery charging and relative state of charge. 



An all purpose Solar Charge controller with advance feautes suitable for

back up power system. Large establishment power supply such as

medium office, pump motor drive, traffic light, rural lighting, school lighting

railway signaling and many more.



We only use best of class inverter in the market for our system design and integration.


Our part number RCA-SHS010-12

The SureSine™  is a 300 watt pure sine wave inverter 

(12 volt DC input) designed specifically for remote off-grid 

photovoltaic (PV) systems.  The SureSine’s combination of 

performance, features and competitive price provides the 

best small inverter value on the market.


It is an ideal inverter for rural electrification projects, telecom,

remote monitoring systems of oil or gas.


MRV70 is a 12V 105AH Deep Cycle Maintenance-Free Battery.

A High Density plate formulation for superior high current source.

NO need to add water!!!

Using the EXG T: Expanded Grid Technology the utilized the continuous

rolled strip and compacted in high pressure producing a stronger calcium 

grid structure.


Solar powered system for Home, industrial, RV, golf cart, Camping, 

4WD vehicle with heavy cranking.



KC Series

Our part number RCA-SPM087-36

Kyocera's advanced cell-processing technology and automated 

production facilities produce highly efficient multi-crystal photovoltaic 

modules. To protect the cells from the most severe environmental 

conditions, they are encapsulated between a tempered glass cover 

and an EVA pottant with a PVF back sheet. The entire laminate is 

installed in an anodized aluminum frame for structural strength 

and ease of installation. 

Kyocera solar modules are a reliable, virtually maintenance-free 

power supply designed to convert sunlight into electricity at the 

highest possible efficiency.        


ideal for installation on all types of buildings, from residential to 

large scale commercial systems. The stylish dark blue cells, 

combined with black module frames, allow the modules to blend in 

with the buildings architecture while producing energy at 

exceptional efficiencies





Powder Coated square Iron boom able to withstand the

harsh punishment of nature. This Roughclaw's designed

Solar panel mount has 2 points vertical clamping point

making it the most stable pole mount designed as opposed

to a one point middle frame mount.


Ideal for large solar panel mount. the space under the can give
protection for the control system.

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