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Use Roughclaw's RCA-ODA001-08 on your Router.

Wireless Router has greatly improves to cope up with today’s network technology. From a simple IEEE 2.4Ghz 11Mbit/s(802.11b) to
a more complex and highly evolved “n” version (802.11n), which boast a 20X increase of data rate. Most Router
today have a port for WAN and LAN1..LAN4 but some only have few of these ports.  Other features include a USB functionality to
support a USB printer or a USB external storage (network Hard drive).
Those are just some of the main function a wireless router can have. The great thing about these routers is that you can
simply add more gadgets that have similar network protocol.
 My kid got a PSP slim type and based on the specs, it has a wifi functionality. This is good since
 I don’t need to open a computer and download any firmware update and load it to a memory stick.
 I simply connect it to my current home wifi network. What is good thing here is that I love listening
 to music while on bed. I use my kids PSP to stream music from the internet. Of course, I can do it
 with my portable/desktop computer but those loud cooling fan annoys me a lot. I just don’t know
 why I prefer listening/streaming to radio station than my collection in my PC or MP3 player. The sampling
 rate when streaming online is very low as compared to my audio system or PC system. I guess the white
 noise that the station transmits or maybe the thing called “Element of Surprise” as my friend called it.
To connect your PSP 2000 (Slim version only), turn on the wifi switch. On your browser, go to the network settings. Choose an
Infrastructure mode. All the setting parameters common to wifi will be displayed. Scan for your SSID. Put whatever security
features your network requires on the PSP 2000. Use WEP as the simplest WIFI security. The latest firmware update of your
PSP has an internet radio support so download the plug in and run it. The radio bar and menu will be available after a few seconds.
Choose a station you prefer and to save battery, turn off your LCD while streaming. The channels are still few.
In the near future, more Radio Station as it becomes popular will populate each bar.
Another bonus feature of the PSP is that Skype now supports it. This is very popular IM application.

Print wirelessly? You don’t need to buy a wireless printer. You can use your USB wire enabled printer to do that.

Just connect your printer to the Roughclaw's recommended wireless router and
you have a wireless printer.  No need to locate that dusty printer cable and
connecting it to your computer. A host computer for printing is a thing of the past.
All you need is the Printer and the wireless router. You want to connect more
computers with different location in your office/home wirelessly? Yes you can,
With our technical expertise we could set up for you with minimal fee.
To accommodate more computers or computers that can’t be serve by long wire
on the  network, use our OMNI Antenna This would extend the reach of your
routers range. Most desktop doesn't have a wireless connectivity, we can convert
your current desktop.

That is Printing at it’s BEST!!

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