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 WIRELESS and ROUTER DEVICES (click the picture to see the specification)

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OUTDOOR Zoneflex Series: ZF7782 

INDOOR Series:ZF R700 DUAL BAND 3x3:3 802.11AC SMART AP


Point to Point ZF7731

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Bullet Series

The most Flexible WiFI

Device of Ubiquiti


With built-in antenna patch

Rocket Series

Most flexible MiMo Device able to

accept Dual Polarized antenna such

as sector or dual Polarized Dish

UniFi Series

Expandable Access Point with

multiple SSID

Nanobridge Series

MiMo dish with advance feed technology

Picostation Series

Small but with a

Goliath capacity

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    more products HERE

QRT Series: RB911G-5GPHn-QRT

5Ghz AP/Backhaul/CPE with 1000mW

Dual Chain Gigabit Ethernet with a 

24dBi max antenna gain

SXT series : SXT 5HPnD

A CPE/Backhaul 16dBi with 1260mW RF 

TX POWER and DUAL Chain, RouterOS L3

CCR Series: CCR1009-8G-1S

The CCR1009 is a very power CLOUD CORE ETTHERNE ROUTER

Based on TILERA 9 CORE CPU with 1GB of RAM, Eight Gigabit SW

(Ether 1-4 are n SWITCH group), and one SFP cage.

1 USB port 802.3af support, ROS level 6


METAL Series: RBmetal5SHPn

Fully Sealed, industriall metal case with ROS Level4

with 1300mW TX power and 64Mb RAM


NetMETAL Series: RB922UAGS

5HPact-NM is equipped with
miniPCI Express Slot with SIM slot
for 3G/4G or additional wireless
Card. A triple chain 802.11ac 
ROS level4

RB450G Kit

An indoor Router with the dual

power option thru DC Jack or POE

RB433Ah Kit 


In Aluminum IP67 Class able 

to withstand most unforgiving


with 2 unit R52Hn 


In a very compact plastic

housing suitable for indoor

but carries a big punch under

it's hood



Advance CPE device


RB1100 Series

Our top-of- the-line Routerboard with

BGP, EoIP, PPPoE, MPLS, Hotspot

and more features.. all in one package.

Routerboard OS

The heart of Mikrotik's

Routing and management


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